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My child has a toothache

If your child has been experiencing tooth pain, we will video-chat with you right away. We will want to know the following information:

Your child’s age and any medical problems

When the pain started

Where the pain is

If anything makes the pain better or worse

If the pain is keeping your child up at night

If the pain is spontaneous

If the pain is constant

If there is any history of swelling

With that information, any pictures you provide, and our video-chat examination, we will be able to guide you on the best course of action, whether that is just palliative care at home, if pain medication or antibiotic is warranted (we will call in a prescription for you!) or if you need to go to a dentist. If you need to go to a dentist, we will help you find a close pediatric dentist who can see you soon.



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