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Top 5 Things to keep your child's mouth healthy during quarantine

  1. Brush 2x/day with a fluoride toothpaste (help them brush until they can tie their shoes)

  2. Minimize sticky snacks (pretzels, crackers, chips, cookies, gummies, fruit snacks, etc). Good snacks: fruits, vegetables, dairy (watch the sugar), dark chocolate, ice cream, nuts

  3. Watch out for trauma - don't let your toddlers run around with things in or near their mouth (toothbrushes, markers, etc); make sure they wear a helmet when on a scooter/skateboard/bicicyle

  4. Stick to healthy drinks: Water and white milk. Everything else is bad: juice (even 100% juice), lemonade, sweetened iced-teas, fruit punch, soda, etc.

  5. Keep your mouth healthy too! Kids pick up on our priorities, anxieties, etc.

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