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What should my child be eating?

As pediatric dentists, we don't worry about your child's meals as much as what they're SNACKING on in between meals. Most children should aim for eating 5x/day - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.

We are not the type of dentists that will say "You can NEVER have" X,Y, or Z. Our philosophy is anything in moderation is ok and trying to keep bad things to a bare minimum. With that said, let's go over good foods and bad foods.

The general concept to keep in mind is: Good foods are foods that wash off the teeth. On the other hand, bad foods are foods that stick on the teeth. It doesn't matter if they're organic/vegan or not.

Good: dairy in general, yogurt, cheeses, ice cream (washes right off the teeth), fruits, vegetables, nuts, popcorn, dark chocolate

Bad: pretzels, chips, crackers, cookies, dried fruit(raisins, figs, dates, dried apricots, etc), gummies (YES gummy vitamins are terrible for your teeth), fruit snacks, laffy taffy, starbursts, etc

The way cavities work is they need time and the right environment to fester. That environment happens for at least 30 min every time I eat/drink anything that causes the pH level in your mouth to drop. So if I am constantly snacking (even if in small quantities), my mouth never gets a chance to rest and it's constantly in that cavity-causing environment.

To do a more in-depth analysis and to hear our specific, tailored recommendations for your child, give us a call!



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